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We know that everyone is looking forward to the season. Never have activity on social media been greater in 'off season'.
This year marks the NPL 4 rounds, Millennium 4 rounds of national team games, PBSM 4 rounds and the FINAL NM on the calendar.
Forest players so it Action Game apply. NPF is of course present at NPL, NM and probably Action Game.

NPL stepping up - betting on bigger and better tournaments. A new site on Rønholt, who shall also arrange NM.

NPF has elected a new board, but several of those who have held a few years is still with. We have new and updated statutes.
The job of approaching us NIF is in full swing.
It's gotten structure of national teams. We have been fortunate to Game-On, Xsportz and Anthrax / Fight Back Design sponsors.

We look forward!

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Membership 2016

All new members must register here. You MUST post pictures of yourself too - type passport photo!

Referee Course

NPF organizes referee course if desired.

The goal is that all referees at tournaments should have NPF approved course.

Course# 1 was a success. If YOU want a course?! Sign up and we'll contact you
when there are enough participants.