2015 National Teams

It has been a good year for all our national teams in Europe;
- Veterans (40+) came in 4th place.
- The ladies came in 5th place.
- The gentlemen at 4th place
- Youth (U19) came 2nd

Because men's team came in 4th place, so we were given € 4,500 'prize' so they could go to the World Cup Asia in Malaysia. They played very well down there, and ended up on an excellent 6 th place. Unfortunately they met USA in the quarterfinals, where they lost narrowly by 2-3. USA won the final in the end.

We have proven throughout the years that Norway is a big paintball nation.

We are currently planning the next season for full now. We have announced national positions and encourage all coaches from 2015 to apply.

We will take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the national teams did so well; players, coaches, parents and sponsors.

Thanks to:
Anthrax / Fight Back Design
Cartel Media
We Consulting (Men's team in Malaysia)
HK Army (paint to U19)

NPF Board 2015


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